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The modern-day tea experience is about more than just a cup of tea. It’s where the modern and traditional meet. The good news is, we are slowly starting to realise this and the search for “The True Tea Journey” that delivers more thrill to the palate and nurtures the soul continues. At Great Tea Street, we strive to offer only this, the knowledge and the experience to become a tea traveller.

We offer a wide wholesale tea inventory, including our environmentally friendly plastic free Biodegradable pyramid tea bags, loose leaf tea, customised tea academy sessions to your customers and practical and stylish Great teaware.

We’ll help you curate a tea menu and provide training to your staff to ensure your customers get the best experience in a cup every time.

Great Tea Street provides whole leaf tea even in our pyramid tea bags range to hotels, restaurants and cafés, and also have a range of retail products should you like to sell alongside service.

All teas at Great Tea Street are sourced directly from the tea farms and delivered straight to your cup.

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